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Visit any country in the world; tourist should know a little bit about the language of that country. And visiting to Vietnam as well, to know about some features that relating to the local language that helps you to easily discover their culture.

The problem relating to language is that you need not to learn and speak fluently local language then you can travel. The question is that you should know just some main characteristic feature relating to local language or what is the main language or what foreign language that the local people who speak then you do not miss anything special in their culture in your trip.  So if there is a brief relating to local speaking in Vietnam, it is sure that the brief becomes useful information for you in the travelling time in the country.

Vietnamese language is the main language of Kinh people. The language was affected by Chinese and European in which especially by French. However Vietnamese language has its own feature. Base on the geography and local culture, Vietnamese language is changed about its tone from the North to the South of the country. Beside, there are local words that appeared by their habit in speaking although those words are in the same meaning in three areas. This is normal phenomenon that happened in every area in each country in the world, so you do not worry about this. In the different tones from the North to the South, Vietnamese people considering the standard tone are Hanoi’s tone. If you love the tone of the South people, it is tone of Saigonee. Or in the case you focus in the tone of the Middle of the country, the tone of Hue People that is considered the standard tone.

Vietnamese language is rich about words, tone, grammar, sentences and meaning as well. So, it is always the challenging to anyone who to love to learn. However, it is very easy if you want to catch the some main words or some popular sentences. It takes you not so much time to be customer with and to speak. Vietnamese people are friendly and they all are not discomfort in the case that you do not speak completely right their language. They will try to help you to pronounce or understand the words or the sentences that you love to practice.

Beside in the big cities like Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City etc, many Vietnamese people who can speak English. So the tourists who speak English, they can talk together without any worry about. Beside the main foreign language like English, some Vietnamese people who can speak French, Russian and German. Of course there are some other languages that some people who can speak like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean etc. In the case that you want to meet whom speak these languages, you may contact any agency in the cities’ center to be helped. Or before the time you come to Vietnam, you can contact some students’ groups, forums’ students who are studying languages in the university. They are ready to be your translator. If not, they will help you to find out the best translator or tour guide who speaks your mother language. 

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