Vietnam food and drink

Dishes in a party
Vietnam tour is attached with the time for experiencing local cuisine. Chefs who came to Vietnam from some countries, they call Vietnam as a world  kitchen where gathers the rich collection of culinary. It seems to have a borderless creativity in Vietnamese cuisine through the time. If you love Vietnamese cuisine, you may find out that richness in flavor and dishes specifically.

An Giang province

In the tours in Mekong Delta, you should not miss the trip to An Giang province. This is one of the important provinces in the area. There are many things to explore here with the huge mountains, the religious places and the specialties that attract people strongly.


Moc Chau - the ideal destination for the backpackers in the Northwest of Vietnam

Moc Chau is a town that located in Son La Province. This is one of the most famous places for the backpacking trips in the plateau in the Northwest of Vietnam. Fascinate backpackers by the great pictures from the plentiful nature with the endless mustard green flowers; Moc Chau is considered the ideal destination of the North of the country that many tourists love to come one time in their life.  

Tien Giang

Tien Giang is the province of Mekong Delta with My Tho city that considered the center. The province is close to Ho Chi Minh City, so it is great choice for many tourists who come to visit on day in the case that they have not much time to discover the area of Mekong Delta.
For one interesting thing that Tien Giang is the neighbor of Ben Tre province, so if you have a day only to visit Tien Giang, you have also a nice chance to visit Ben Tre in the short tour combined two these provinces.

Da Lat

Located in the highland that belongs to Lam Dong Province, Da Lat is a great destination for all tourists. The city has its tourism development for a long time. This is an ideal city with romance and great climate for peaceful holidays of the couples, families.

Dien Bien

Dien Bien is a very famous name relating to Vietnam history. Especially when people remind the time war in Vietnam, it is right that the name of Dien Bien absolutely mentioned. Attached to Dien Bien Phu Victory in the past, Dien Bien becomes one of the value destination where people now have chance to look back a hard period of the country. Of course, Dien Bien nowadays does not bother you about the past memory with the sorrow but this is the bright land with impressive destinations that are beautiful and colorful from the rich nature, people and culture.

Vietnam Talk

Visit any country in the world; tourist should know a little bit about the language of that country. And visiting to Vietnam as well, to know about some features that relating to the local language that helps you to easily discover their culture.