Moc Chau - the ideal destination for the backpackers in the Northwest of Vietnam

Moc Chau is a town that located in Son La Province. This is one of the most famous places for the backpacking trips in the plateau in the Northwest of Vietnam. Fascinate backpackers by the great pictures from the plentiful nature with the endless mustard green flowers; Moc Chau is considered the ideal destination of the North of the country that many tourists love to come one time in their life.  

How to get in

Moc Chau is located far from Ha Noi Capital more than 180km. From Ha Noi, you can take a bus or coach to transfer to Moc Chau with its duration more than 4 hours. There is some useful information for your booking ticket to Moc Chau as below:
The bus Ha Noi – Son La – Moc Chau: My Dinh Bus station; 20 Pham Hung Str., My Dinh, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi
Bac Son Coach: My Dinh Bus Station; 20 Pham Hung Str., Tu Liem District; Tel: 0978 674 999
Hung Thanh Coach: My Dinh Bus Station, 20 Pham Hung Str., Tu Liem District; Tel: 0974 888 555
Hai Nam Coach: My Dinh Bus Station, 20 Pham Hung Str., Tu Liem Districh; Tel: 0915 599 449
Hoa Phat Coach: My Dinh Bus Station, 20 Pham Hung Str., Tu Liem District; Tel: 0985 695 509
Hai Van Coach: My Sinh Bus Station, 20 Pham Hung Str., Tu Liem District; Tel: 04 3722 3588

There are some backpackers who love to come to Moc Chau by motorbike to enjoy the perfect pictures along the road. However, if you do not know clearly or have no a good companion to go together, you are not advised to transfer to Moc Chau by motorbike.

Go around

To visit Moc Chau, you can take a taxi or some cars to go around. To hire a car, you can contact Lien Thao with the mobile number 0973 562 809 or Than Gai with the mobile number 0168 7447 292.  Or for you can ask the local people to hire a motorbike or motor-taxi to visit the town.

The first thing that all tourists love to experience in Moc Chau is to visit the endless mustard green flowers in the season of blooming. The mustard green flower gardens are located in Pa Phach Village, Ang Village, and Coc Village. The next destination for visiting is the green tea gardens that is located far from the center of the town about 5km. There are some other destinations such as minority villages, Dai Yem Waterfall, Bat Cave, the pine hill and Dong Sang Lake, the plum flower gardens that are located in Pa Kha and Long Luong Villages, the peach flower gardens that are located in Phieng Canh Village, Pha Luong Mountain and Bang spring.

The weather

It is considered that there are four seasons in Moc Chau like other places in the plateau in the North of the country. The average temperature in this town is more than 20C degree; you can visit the town all round year.

However, the time to travel in Moc Chau is from November to May because the town has its best nature in this period. The type of local flowers in each time will attract all tourists who come to visit this land.

Food and drink

There are many delicious dishes for you to taste in Moc Chau and also the specialties that you should not miss a chance to enjoy.

For food: The food in Moc Chau firstly is mentioned with smoked buffalo meat, rock snails from Bang spring, fishes from the local springs, local fried veal meat. And then there are some local dishes that have their good flavor like local taro soup, salmon dishes, mustard green dishes, buffalo skin salad, white Ban flower salad. If you love to have some specialties to bring home, you may choose the things like Moc Chau tea, local plums, bitter bamboo shoots, mustard greens, persimmons, love cakes, taros, salmons, milk candies, strawberries, wild vegetables, local apples, etc. And you can buy these things in the local market or ask the local people for details before going shopping.

There are some addresses for food in Moc Chau you may concern:

Huong Nui Restaurant: is located in the center of Moc Chau; serve local dishes
Tuan Anh Restaurant: Highway No 6, Moc Chau Town; serve local dishes
Dung Tuoi Restaurant: Highway No 6, Moc Chau Town; serve local dishes
Green Moc Chau Restaurant: Highway No 6, Moc Chau Town; serve local dishes
Thao Nguyen Restaurant: Highway No 6, Moc Chau Town; serve local dishes
Quang Thang Restaurant: Highway No 6, Moc Chau Town; serve local dishes

For drink: in Moc Chau, the popular drinks that are mentioned firstly tea and milk because this land considered one of the homelands of them in the North of the country. Beside there are some famous drinks in Moc Chau for you to taste like corn liquid, plum liquid and milk. You can enjoy in the local restaurants.


Moc Chau is the ideal place for backpackers so you can find here many homestays, hostels, motels and hotels. There are some addresses that may useful for you:
Truong Giang Hotel: 2*, Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Moc Chau Town
Xuan Cuong: 1*, 03 Vu Xuan Thieu Str., Moc Chau Town
Huong Sen Hotel: 3*, Moc Chau Town
Sao Xanh Hotel: 2*, Km82, Moc Chau Town
Cong Doan Moc Chau: 2*, Moc Chau Town
Vy Anh: 1*, Ang Village, Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau Town
Moc Chau Eco: 1*, Moc Chau Town
Green Moc Chau: 2*, 88 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Moc Chau Town
Hoa Ban: 1*, Ang Village, Moc Chau Town
Sao Mai: 1*, Moc Chau Town
Thao Nguyen: 3*, Thao Nguyen Str., Phieng Luong, Moc Chau Town


For your shopping in Moc Chau, you can come to local market or some local kiosks locate along the roads. Here you can find all local specialties. And you can ask the local people who are ready to help you to the gardens, farms that supply the local products.

Culture, Holiday and people

Moc Chau is one of the lands that are rich of the culture and local festivals. The town attracts the tourists by the kind and friendly local people and the ethnic groups’ plentiful culture as well. There are some famous festivals here like Plateau Moc Chau Love Market happened from August 31st to September 2nd , Xip Xi Festival of Thai ethnic group that happened on July 14th each year (Lunar year), Hoa Ban Festival (or White Ban Flower Festival or Sen Ban or Sen Muong Festival) happened on February 5th each year (Lunar year), Het Cha Festival ( to end the Ban Flower season) happened from 23rd to 26th March each year (Lunar year), Tet holiday of Mong people that is starts from December of the lunar year and other festivals.

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