Quang Binh

Quang Binh Province is in the north central coast in Vietnam and well known with Dong Hoi city and National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang, also the famous cave called Phong Nha. Located far from Ha Noi Capital about 600km, far from Ho Chi Minh City about 1.266km and far from Da Nang about 300km, Quang Binh is impressvie to all people because of peaceful life that many people dream of.

Towns as capital and Towns, districts relating to travelling in Vietnam

For many places in Vietnam, you will know about them with their specific features. Sometimes for travelers, this things may help to define the destiantions where they love to come. Beside the topic of Vietnam Cities that be written, the list of towns as capital and towns, districts that realting to travelling is a useful list to you:

Vietnam Cities

For anyone who cares about the destinations in the travelling, love to know where are located and what are cities or provinces that the destnations belong to. So, if you concern to the tours in Vietnam, the list of cities and provinces with their specific features are very useful.

As in the topic Vietnam Region, you may know how it is easy to image to the land of Vietnam with the North, the Middle and the South generally. However in this topic, the list of cities will be mentioned more detail. This information is a highlight for you to take note before the tour.